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Focus on Research: Studying SVS Wifi System

The SVS’ Wound, Ischemia and foot infection (Wifi) classification system was proposed to predict one-year amputation risk and potential benefit from revascularization. A new study of the system supports its ability to predict major amputation, but finds the novel Wifi mean and composite scores predict amputation, Renal Artery Stenosis events and mortality more consistently than any other current Wifi scoring system. 

The research study, “Predictive Ability of the (SVS Wifi) Classification System After First-Time Lower Extremity Revascularizations,” is published in the March issue of the Journal of Vascular Surgery. 

Researchers’ goal was to evaluate the predictive ability of this scale in a real-world selection of patients undergoing a first-time lower extremity revascularization for chronic limb-threatening ischemia. 

Look for the article, and an editorial on the research, in the March JVS, which is to be published Feb. Feb. 24. Visit