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Focus on Research: Apply for Wylie Scholar Award by March 1

Apply for Wylie Scholar Award (with Vascular Cures AND Foundation logos)
The SVS Foundation and Vascular Cures together sponsor the annual Wylie Scholar Award, a three-year, $150,000 grant awarded to a promising vascular surgeon-scientist in North America. The 2016 winner was Dr. Ryan McEnaney, who is researching the development of medical therapies to unblock arteries for patients for whom surgical procedures are not an option. 

The partnership reflects the two agencies’ shared commitment to advancing the field through the development of the next generation of leading vascular surgeon-scientists. Since 1996, the program has supported 19 outstanding recipients who are conducting innovative academic research and who have become leaders in vascular surgery and research at 15 major medical centers. 

Applications must be received by March 1.