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Audible Bleeding

Audible Bleeding Joins the SVS Family of Publications!

The Society for Vascular Surgery is proud to announce that it has recently finalized an agreement with popular vascular surgery-focused podcast, Audible Bleeding. The podcast is now a formal publication of the Society. 

These podcasts are intended to act as a resource for trainees and early-career vascular surgeons. Topics discussed on the podcast often emerge from current events or remarks on Twitter or SVSConnect, and suggestions from listeners are also welcome. Watch for updates on how to become engaged here on the website, in SVS PULSE or in Vascular Specialist.

Listen to Episode about Collaboration

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The Audible Bleeding podcast launched in November 2018, and has grown significantly since. Its seven founding members, Drs. Sharif Ellozy, Adham Elmously, Adam Johnson, Kevin Kniery, Nicole Rich, Jacob Schwartzman and Matthew Smith, are still involved and will work with the SVS communications team as they continue to produce episodes. 

Dr. Sharif Ellozy

Dr. Adham Elmously

Dr. Adam Johnson

Dr. Kevin Kniery

Dr. Nicole Rich

Dr. Jason Schwartzman

Dr. Matthew Smith