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SVS Medicare Cuts Task Force

The SVS Medicare Cuts Task Force has analyzed the impact of the proposed 2022 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule and the results pose a real threat of harm to vascular surgery practices and patients. The projected cut to vascular surgery overall is -11.4%, but OBLs bear a significantly higher burden with the cuts to specific services as high as -22%! 

Save the Date 

The Task Force will be holding a Town Hall meeting on November 10th at 7pm Central to explain the best-case, worst-case, and likely scenarios of the planned rules and to answer your pressing questions. Mark your calendar and be sure you don't miss this important meeting.  Registration will open soon, so keep an eye out for more information in Pulse.  In the meantime, please submit your questions for the panelists.  

Host: Benjamin Pearce, MD
Moderator: Matthew Sideman, MD
Panelists: Sean Lyden, MD, Mark Mattos, MD, Daniel McDevitt, MD, Megan Tracci, MD

Contact your Congressional Representatives

The SVS Medicare Cuts Task Force encourages all vascular care professionals to stand up for vascular in a grassroots efforts to advocate and educate your local representatives in Congress about the importance of patient access to vascular care and the threat that the proposed cuts pose to the specialty.  Use the Voter Voice link below to make a difference and have your voice heard!

Make your voice heard

The first step of the SVS response was submitting a formal SVS comment letter to CMS, and having at least 100 SVS members submit your own comments too. Thanks to everyone who participated, we have counted at least 180 letters from SVS members!  Read the Official 2021 Letter from the SVS to CMS on the 2022 Proposed Cuts and the Official 2021 Letter from the Clinical Labor Coalition to CMS on the 2022 Proposed Cuts.  

SVS is also a member of the Surgical Care Coalition, working to stop the cuts.  Learn more about our work with the Surgical Care Coalition here.