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Venous and Lymphatic Journal Club

Aug. 6, 2020
This program is virtual and taking place through the Zoom platform
Jul 23 to Aug 6
Abstract Deadline: 
Jul 28


You probably remember the dry, boring journal clubs from your residency or fellowship days where you hoped you wouldn’t be called upon.

Don’t worry, in the virtual format you can call on us! The goal is to offer a practical review of the literature which you can apply in your daily practice and to stimulate discussion between you and our panel of experts. To get the most engagement, we highly encourage you to read and become familiar with the three papers which will be discussed.

1. The clinical characteristics of lower extremity lymphedema in 440 patients
2. A systematic review of guidelines for lymphedema and the need for contemporary intersocietal guidelines for the management of lymphedema
3. Health and economic benefits of advanced pneumatic compression devices in patients with phlebolymphedema

Links to download the articles will be included in your confirmation email upon completing your registration.


8:00-9:00 pm EST




Thomas F. O'Donnell, MD
Steven Dean, DO
Tony Gasparis, MD