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General Surgery Resident/Medical Student Travel Scholarship 

Diversity Medical Student Travel Scholarship 

SVS is dedicated to recruiting medical students and general surgery residents to the specialty to ensure the best young medical professionals become vascular surgeons. SVS offers travel scholarships to aspiring vascular surgeons to underwrite expenses for attendance at the Vascular Annual Meeting.

Since 2005, SVS has awarded travel scholarships, and scholarship recipients have already been accepted to, enrolled in, or have completed a vascular surgery training program. The competitive scholarship program has consistently received positive feedback from recipients:

"I really appreciated having the resident scholarship. It’s a great program. Coming to SVS definitely increased my commitment to vascular surgery and I felt the networking opportunities were outstanding.”

“Overall the SVS meeting was an excellent experience. I feel as though I learned a lot about the field of vascular surgery and was pleased to meet so many encouraging surgeons and trainees.”

“These meetings are the highlight of my academic year. Keep up the amazing work.”

“This was a wonderful meeting which was absolutely invaluable. I do not think I could have networked with so many wonderful people nor learned so much through any other avenue.”

“It was a phenomenal experience. The conference was extremely organized and fluidly run. I was pleasantly surprised by the willingness of the faculty and residents to take the time and work with us, spend time improving our skills, and also the ease of accessibility to the program directors. It was also a great learning experience, and great networking experience. Thank you very much.”

“I really enjoyed all of the activities. The teachers were awesome! They were very patient and explanatory.”

“Overall, a great experience! I really enjoyed my time especially as the first national conference I have attended. I hope to someday get the opportunity to present in the future.”

“I enjoyed my time at the conference and, after attending, I have concluded that I will pursue Vascular Surgery as my career choice."

"Excellent experience. As a first year student I learned a lot of skills for the first time that will be extremely helpful in clinical training."

"I really enjoyed this opportunity to get acquainted with physicians and a few of the instruments in their profession. It was challenging but fun."