Attendee Hotel Accommodations


Housing services are provided by MCI USA Housing

The cutoff for reservations or revisions is May 22

Book online, or call 866-268-0197 (US) or 972-349-5435 (International)

 The Housing Team can assist you with all housing-related requests, including housing reservations, suite requests and last-minute room additions.

Easy booking with the best rates. 

  • Book online through MCI’s online booking platform
  • Select room(s) at the hotel of your choice (based on availability),
  • Then fill in your information and receive a confirmation within minutes. 
  • Changes and substitutions can be made until the designated cutoff date.

Please help keep meeting costs down and secure your accommodations through the official housing bureau.  Booking through the SVS Housing Bureau assists SVS in validating its meeting’s worth to future cities.

Beware! Accept no substitutes! 

  • There are companies that claim to provide housing services for VAM that are not affiliated with SVS in any way.
  • These companies will send ads and notices for cut-rate housing with the intent to convince you that the offer is made on behalf of SVS.
  • DON'T BE MISLED Housing for VAM is handled exclusively by MCI USA

Official SVS Hotels:

All rates are quoted in USD and are subject to appropriate state, local and occupancy tax currently at 14.45%. 

Note:  Hotels will not accept reservations directly.  Reservations must be made through the official housing agency, MCI USA

All overflow hotels are within walking distance of the Hynes Convention Center except the Hampton Inn and Suites.

Make your reservation today.