Exhibitor hotel accommodations


Housing services are provided by Wyndham Jade Convention Housing.

The cutoff for reservations or revisions will be May 3, 2017.
Book online or call 866-546-4299 (US), or 972-349-5403 (International).
Wyndham Jade has partnered with SVS for ten years and will be providing exhibitors the best service available.

Beware! Accept no substitutes!
Many exhibitors have become the unwitting victims of these room block poachers who secure exhibitor lists from the web, or membership directories.

  • There are companies that claim to provide housing services for VAM that are not affiliated with SVS in any way.
  • These companies will send ads and notices for cut-rate housing with the intent to convince you that the offer is made on behalf of SVS.
  • DON'T BE MISLED! Housing for VAM is handled exclusively by Wyndham Jade

Services provided by Wyndham Jade

  • Dedicated SVS exhibitor phone lines and an easy-to-use website to book your rooms
  • Create room blocks online, allowing you to provide names and travel dates at a later time
  • Suite Specialist – assists you to book suites according to your specific needs
  • Upload rooming lists in Excel straight to the system
  • Name changes / Date changes
  • Last-minute room additions
  • Challenge management
  • Exceptional customer service

With the ongoing need for associations to validate their buying power to top convention cities, we are pleased that WJ is on our side and we encourage you to use these services!

Priority Points and More – available if you reserve through official housing

  • Three priority points will be awarded to every exhibiting company booking their hotel accommodations through Wyndham Jade.  (Final points will be awarded after the meeting when final pick up reports are compiled.)
  • Best rate guarantee – Each official hotel contractually guarantees us the lowest rates over the Vascular Annual Meeting
  • Actual hotel confirmation number!  You will receive a housing acknowledgement upon booking, and Wyndham Jade will forward the actual hotel confirmation number after May 17, 2017. 

No Contracts

  • Group blocks do not require a contract
  • You will not be held responsible for any potential attrition damages.
  • In exchange, SVS asks that you carefully prepare your room block request according to your most recent history. 

Great Booking Terms

  • We have reduced our deposit policy from two nights’ room and tax to just one! 
  • This one night’s room and tax will be charged upon reservation for individual reservations and when rooming list is due for group blocks.  

Groups or Individuals

  • Exhibitors requiring 10 or more sleeping rooms may request a block of rooms online or may complete the Exhibitor Housing Block Form.
  • Group Rooming Lists are due April 7, 2017 
  • Rooming lists will include names and arrival/departure on all rooms held, in addition to a deposit of one night’s room and tax for each housed guest.
  • Rooms that were held and do not receive name / payment will be released at this time. 
  • The cutoff for individual reservations is May 3, 2017
  • Hotel confirmation numbers will be issued after May 17, 2017

Official SVS Hotels

  • Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina (Headquarters):  $269 single/double, $289 (triple), $309 (quad)
  • Omni San Diego:  $249 single, $269 double, $289 (triple), $309 (quad)

All rates are quoted in USD and are subject to appropriate state, local and occupancy tax currently at 12.77%. 

Note:  Hotels will not accept reservations direct.  Reservations must be made through SVS Housing Agency, Wyndham Jade.

SVS is committed to making housing within the official block a win/win process for all involved. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or challenges you need assistance with.