Abstract Submissions

Submit a Late-breaking Abstract

Abstract Submissions are due by 3:00pm CT, on Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017.



Late-Breaking Abstracts

  • Preference will be given to prospective, multi-institutional trials and investigational device exemption studies.
  • The Objectives/Methods/Results/Conclusions sections are limited to 400 words total.
  • Authors are not restricted by the number of abstracts and/or videos submitted. However, no more than 8 authors per submission are allowed.
  • Updates and edits to submissions can be made as needed prior to the submission deadline. 
  • Titles must be in title-case, and may not include author, institutional and/or proprietary names.
  • As the intent is to provide attendees with true "late-breaking" trial data, retrospective analyses will not be considered.
  • **If accepted, abstract titles and authors will be published via the online planner and mobile app, but abstract content will not. Manuscript submission to JVS will be required.**
  • The abstract period will close 3:00pm CT, Wednesday, March 22, 2017. Contact education@vascularsociety.org with any questions. 


The maximum file size is 15 MB per graphic. Accepted file formats are as follows:

  • Photographs - JPG only (no TIFF)
  • Tables and graphs - Microsoft Word or PowerPoint
  • No more than two figures and/or tables may be uploaded
  • Figures and tables must be cited in the abstract and include a title. Additionally, table columns and/or rows must be labeled in at least 8-point font. Sketches need to be completed by a professional artist.
  • Images must be the original, unpublished property of the author(s). Written permission must be obtained from the rights-holder in order to reuse any copyrighted material.
  • Graphics published in the JVS supplement will be in black and white.
  • Resolution should be:
    • 300 DPI for halftone images
    • 500 DPI for combination (image and table) art
    • 1,000 DPI for line art (1,200 DPI if the image contains very fine line weights) 

Any modifications to resolution must be completed in photo-editing software before submission, as the abstract software will not check this.


It is SVS policy that either the submitting author or one of the co-authors of each abstract be an SVS member. If neither the submitting author nor the co-authors are members, then a member must sponsor the abstract. SVS sends all correspondence to the submitting author or member sponsor regarding the submission. All papers presented by a student, resident or fellow must have the senior author present at the podium during the discussion phase of the paper. The presenting author must have a command of the English language, and be able to respond to questions in understandable English.

Employees of Commercial Interest
Industry employees can be authors, but not presenters, if the content of the abstract relates to the business lines and products of its employer.

Redundant Publication/Presentation Withdrawal
The work represented in the abstract must NOT have been presented, published or submitted to any other major meeting or journal prior to that year’s Vascular Annual Meeting

It is the responsibility of the submitting author or sponsoring SVS member to consult with the Program Committee prior to submission if there is any question regarding possible redundancy of the work to be presented. Direct inquiries to education@vascularsociety.org.

Failure to comply with the above rules will result in the abstract being rejected or later withdrawn. In addition, the penalty will be a one-year ban from presentation at the Vascular Annual Meeting, subject to the discretion of the Program Committee (the only exception to dual submission is the American Surgical Association (ASA) Annual Meeting). If the abstract(s) is/are accepted for the ASA Annual Meeting, the author will need to notify SVS immediately to withdraw the abstract from the Vascular Annual Meeting.

Submit a Late-breaking Abstract

Abstract Submissions are due by 3:00pm CT, on Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017.