Women's Leadership Training Grant

The development and debut of the SVS Leadership Development Program signifies an increased investment in leadership and career development for women and men in the early stage of their career in vascular surgery. For the 2020 LDP 8 women were selected for participation and will receive extensive leadership development over a 6-month period. Further, 3 of the 5 Core Faculty for the program are women, including the Chair.  

The SVS remains highly interested and supportive of accelerating leadership and career development for all members, with a particular interest and focus on supporting the career trajectory of women and minorities who have chosen the specialty. The investment in the LDP creates an opportune time to take a step back and reassess the overall strategy and approach for how SVS can best support and accelerate women’s careers in the specialty. Is a Women’s Leadership Grant still the best vehicle for accelerating the career of women in vascular surgery given its limited scope of 1-3/year knowing there are likely to be 7-10 women selected to participate in the SVS Leadership Program each year? Are there other and perhaps better options for investment of program resources to support women’s careers in vascular surgery? 

The SVS EB would like this topic discussed in the appropriate venues and some program suggestions generated. Please email membership@vascularsociety.org with suggestions.