Bridge Grant

This application is now closed.

The SVS Foundation Bridge Grant is intended to help mid-career vascular surgeon investigators maintain their critical research efforts amidst gaps in their funding.

A $50,000 Bridge Grant will be awarded to an individual who previously had an NIH R01 grant or equivalent or a K08 or equivalent, and applied for an NIH R01 grant or equivalent but was denied funding due to a priority score below the payline.  The Bridge Grant will help sustain the recipient’s research and contribute to their retention as a vascular surgery investigator. 

The program’s overall goal is to develop strong leaders in basic science, translational, and clinical research who will maintain continual grant support throughout their career, advance the science and knowledge of vascular surgery, and provide mentorship to the next generation of researchers.

Eligibility Requirements
The applicant must be a SVS Active Member. SVS Candidate members and trainees are not eligible.

The applicant must have had an active NIH R01 or equivalent grant within the last 3 years, or a K08 or equivalent grant within the last 3 years for new investigators.  The grant may be active at the time of application to the Bridge Grant program, but the grant must be inactive by the date of the Bridge Grant activation, if awarded.

The applicant must have submitted a vascular-related R01, or R01-equivalent application, to the NIH or Veterans Administration (VA) in the past 12 months that was scored but not funded. This may include a first-time R01 submission. 

  • The 12-month timeframe begins the date the R01 was reviewed by the NIH study section.
  • Equivalent awards include R01, R37, P01 and U01 activity codes as well as I01 (VA MERIT) awards.


  • At the time of award, the investigator should have no other active R01 or R01-equivalent awards in the capacity of Principal Investigator (PI) or co-PI; the investigator may have effort on other investigators’ awards.
  • Individuals cannot hold two active SVS Foundation awards concurrently. If a SVS Foundation award ends before the Bridge Grant begins, you may apply but there can be no overlap.

Funding and Award Period
SVS Foundation provides US$50,000 to the institution of the awardee for direct costs for a one-year period. Costs for laboratory supplies and assays, imaging studies, data collection, and statistical support are allowable.  Principal investigator salary, institutional overhead expenses, major equipment and travel expenses are not allowed.  The SVS Foundation does not pay indirect costs.

Application Process
Applications are now closed.  Please check back in Fall 2019 for updates.  Application materials include: 

  1. Cover letter: Name, title, contact information, project title, as well as a statement (2-page maximum) outlining need for bridge funding and consequences if bridge funding is not obtained.
  2. NIH Biosketch
  3. Other research support (active, pending and completed, as required to be submitted in an NIH grant proposal)
  4. From the R01 or R01-equivalent application: Specific aims page and complete summary statement
  5. A response to critiques from the previously submitted grant application (3-page maximum)
  6. Documentation from NIH or VA confirming that the previously submitted grant’s score fell outside of fundable range
  7. Two letters of recommendation. (a) One letter must be from the applicant’s division or department chair.  The letter should include how the department has supported and will continue to support the research career of the applicant as well as confirmation that the applicant has no other R01 or R01 equivalent grants in the capacity of Principal Investigator. (b) One letter from the applicant’s institution. The letter should indicate that the institution will accept the $50,000 in SVS Foundation Bridge Grant funding and distribute it to the applicant for their research.

Criteria and Review Process
Applications will be reviewed by the SVS Research Council. The criteria on which funding decisions will be made include:

  • The significance of the proposed research, as determined by its potential for transformative findings or significant advances in our understanding of vascular disease, its diagnosis, or treatment.
  • The level of research funding available to the applicant. If an applicant has active research funding for other projects, bridge funding will not be awarded unless there is a demonstrable urgency for conducting the research for which bridge funding is being sought.
  • The track record of the investigator in making important contributions to vascular disease research. For new investigators, the potential to make contributions will be assessed.
  • The commitment of the department (institute/center) to the investigator.

Recipient’s Progress Report
The recipient will be required to submit a progress report to the SVS Research Council. The report should be one to two double-spaced typewritten pages and should summarize the activities and the impact of the grant on their research career. The applicant is expected to submit an application to the NIH, or equivalent federal agency, of an R01 or R01-equivalent award, during the time period supported by the Bridge Grant.

For questions, telephone 1-800-258-7188 or email