PCORI Application Seed Grant​

Applications for the PCORI Application Seed Grant are not being accepted at this time. 

*Please consider applying for the SVS Foundation Clinical Research Seed Grant - Deadline March 1, 2018


About the PCORI Seed Grant

In recognition of the importance of clinical investigation in critical areas of vascular disease and increasing the role of vascular surgeon investigators in clinical and comparative effectiveness research, SVS announces the PCORI Application Seed Grant. 


The PCORI Application Seed Grant is directed to SVS members developing Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) grant applications. The PCORI Application Seed Grant is one component of a broad strategy to facilitate clinical and comparative effectiveness research directed at solving high-impact questions in the care of patients with vascular diseases. The grant is designed to support and optimize an SVS member application for a PCORI grant, especially in both PCORI and SVS Clinical Research Priority Areas​.  

SVS recognizes that members face significant gaps in knowledge in their day to day care of patients with vascular disease and acknowledges the challenge of designing and executing clinical studies to provide concrete clinical guidance. A major hurdle for investigators preparing grant applications are the costs of developing compelling preliminary data, recruiting and training collaborators, and creating tools in support of a competitive proposal.

The PCORI Application Seed Grant will provide resources to a vascular surgeon principal investigator (PI) or Co-PIs to respond to a PCORI Funding Announcement. It is expected that the PI(s) will submit a PCORI Letter of Intent within 1 year of receiving the seed grant.

Funding and Areas of Support for Principal Investigator

$15,000 USD (direct costs only) will be awarded for a period up to six-months. Costs for development of data collection mechanisms, data extraction and statistical support are allowable. Examples include: developing tools to assess patient-centered outcomes; defining the appropriate study population and feasibility of recruitment; demonstrating the feasibility of an intervention or an outcome measure; estimating sample size, effect size, attrition or response rates; estimating procedure numbers/variation, demographics, practice patterns, and endpoint event rates or developing and piloting survey instruments. Principal investigator salary, institutional overhead expenses, and major equipment expenses are not allowed.  

Other areas of support may include:

SVS Administrative Support
SVS will provide administrative support and communication mechanisms (i.e. email, conference calls, newsletters) to engage collaborators for a multicenter study and connect stakeholders such as patients and other organizations.  

Vascular Quality Initiative
For investigators enrolled in the Vascular Quality Initiative (VQI), the VQI can be an important component of the SVS member PCORI application and successful implementation of the study. VQI could be utilized for accessing preliminary data for analysis on a range of basic outcomes, incorporating study-specific data fields into VQI data forms for use in the study, and recruiting interested, participating sites. In addition, the VQI's regional quality group model can be leveraged to demonstrate how study results can be converted to practice and improve patient care.  

If approved by the VQI leadership, the VQI can provide access to existing de-identified VQI datasets and assist with statistical analysis (i.e. procedure counts, basic outcomes) for the PCORI application. Costs associated with VQI statistical analysis support should be supported by the PCORI Application Seed Grant funds. 

If VQI will be utilized for data collection for the PCORI study, cost and feasibility for deployment of new data fields should be evaluated during the Seed Grant period.   

SVS Review and Endorsement
The SVS Research Council and SVS Clinical and Comparative Effectiveness Committee members will evaluate and provide feedback on study design, feasibility, and endpoints. The SVS will provide a formal letter of support for the grant application and identify appropriate advisory committee members for the study.  

Result Dissemination
SVS will assist with dissemination of study findings, so as to demonstrate a structure for converting "evidence to practice." This may be done using the following resources: Vascular Specialist, email communications, Vascular Annual Meeting, VQI Regional Quality Groups, and the Journal of Vascular Surgery.

Principal Investigator Eligibility Requirements 

  • Pl must hold an MD or equivalent degree with postgraduate clinical training in vascular surgery.
  • PI must be an SVS Active Member.  SVS Candidate Members are not eligible.  
  • PI must have demonstrated experience in the conduct of clinical research.
  • Experience utilizing VQI is preferred, but not required.
  • If the candidate wishes to utilize VQI, the PI must be or collaborate with a member of the Vascular Quality Initiative.  

Application Process

Applications are not be accepted at this time.  Applications include the following: 

1) Cover letter, including:

  • PI contact information, title of proposal and timeline for submission of PCORI Letter of Intent
  • Research proposal - 3 pages, including:
  • Significance, innovation and research strategy (includes tables, graphs, figures, diagrams, charts)
  • Description of how research meets PCORI and SVS Clinical Research Priorities, including specific information on how patients and stakeholders will be included in the study
  • If applicable, description of VQI resources required, including type of preliminary data, statistical analysis support, and data collection from modification or development 

2) Budget

3) Biosketch of Principal Investigator and any Co-Investigators

4) If applicable, a letter of support from the member of the VQI Regional Quality Group in the PI's geographical region should be included in the application.

Review Process

Applications will be reviewed by members of the SVS Research Council and the SVS Clinical and Comparative Effectiveness Research Committee. 

Reporting and PCORI Submission Requirements 

A brief progress report is due six months after receiving funding. Completion of the PCORI Application Seed Grant is expected to culminate in a Letter of Intent submitted to PCORI within one year, or on the first grant cycle for PCORI, if beyond one year. A final report should include a copy of the PCORI Letter of Intent. 


Sarah Murphy, Society for Vascular Surgery, (312) 334-2305, smurphy@vascularsociety.org