Wylie Scholar Award in Academic Vascular Surgery

This application is closed.

The Society of Vascular Surgery Foundation and Vascular Cures are pleased to host the 2019 Wylie Scholar Award. The annual Wylie Scholar Award in Academic Vascular Surgery is designed to support the career development of promising young vascular surgeon-scientists in the US and Canada who are combining their clinical practice with innovative academic research.

Wylie Scholars go on to become world-class vascular surgeon-scientists; many are now chiefs at major academic centers and prominent leaders in the field, and they play a key role in transformative SVS and Vascular Cures programs.

SVS Foundation is sponsoring the 2019 Wylie Scholar Award. The Foundation has a long history of funding vascular research that improves patient health through supporting young vascular surgeon scientists in advancing their research careers.

Since 1996, the Wylie Scholar program has supported 21 surgeon-scientists at 14 institutions who are changing care for the benefit of patients. The intent of the award is to support crucial research that enables recipients to compete for future, more substantial support. For each $150,000 award, Wylie Scholars have generated $3.5 million in subsequent research funding – a return on investment of nearly 25 to 1.

To read more about the impact of the Wylie Scholar program and to access additional information about eligibility and the application process, click here or contact info@vascularcures.org.