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The Association of Program Directors in Vascular Surgery is interested in facilitating the investigation of questions and knowledge gaps relevant to the education and careers vascular surgery trainees and those involved in their education. Such investigations often involve the survey of vascular surgery program directors and vascular surgery trainees. The APDVS receives many requests for PD and trainee contact information. The APDVS Executive Board has developed a new process to help vet and support impactful survey studies which the APDVS feels are of value to the program directors and trainees whom we represent.

Process: Please complete the “Request for APDVS Program Director and/or Vascular Surgery Trainee Contact Information” form to  The request will be referred to the APDVS Issues Committee for a recommendation on approval or non-approval of release of PD and/or trainee contact information. Along with this review, the Issues Committee will recommend the appropriate APDVS committee (Issues, Education, curriculum, Core Surgery and Defined Minimums for Case Logs, Recruitment of Surgical Residents and Students) to collaborate with the requesting investigator on the design, implementation, and presentation/publication of the investigation. Final approval of these recommendations will be made by the APDVS Executive Board before contact information is released to the requesting investigator.

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