Use of SVS Member Logo

The Society for Vascular Surgery® (SVS) designed a logo for members to use for individual business purposes. Members are not allowed to use the SVS logo because it is a registered trademark, and, as such, can be used only on official materials produced by SVS itself. The design is similar to the SVS logo without the black background, and clearly distinguishes the user as a “Member.” SVS encourages members to use the logo on business materials signifying their professionalism and association with the Society. It can be printed on practice materials in accordance with the guidelines outlined below.

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Guidelines for Use

Definition of Member

The logo may only be used by active, senior, international, and honorary members of SVS in good standing.

General Use

The logo is to be used only to indicate membership in the SVS. Only members in good standing may use the symbol on practice stationery, brochures relating to the member’s practice, practice forms, business cards, personalized labels or stickers, plaques, office buildings, office furniture, gifts for patients, in advertising, and on Web sites.

Group Practice Use

In a group practice setting, the logo may be used on group practice materials (noted in section B) provided that the senior member of the group practice is an active member, or that 50 percent or more of group practice members are active members, and the remainder of the group practice members are applicants or candidates for membership. Applicants or candidates for membership in the group may not use the symbol in advertisements, on Web sites, or on any materials other than group practice materials as referenced in Section B.

When printing the logo on group practice materials that include both members and applicants and/or candidates, the members must be noted by placing an asterisk (*) outside border of the symbol in the upper right-hand corner, with a footnote at the bottom of the materials listed in Section B that says, “Members of the Society for Vascular Surgery include: (list member names).”

Multi-Specialty, Clinic, or University Setting Use

Members who are in a multi-specialty, clinic, or university setting, with divisions or sections of various surgical specialties, may use the symbol for their division or section, provided the senior member of the section is a member of SVS or 50 percent or more of the section members are members, and the remainder of the members are applicants or candidates for membership. In these cases, members may use the logo for their division or section on stationery and related items only by placing the symbol in proximity to the member names so as not to appear it is used for the entire group, and as described in these guidelines.

Integrity of the Symbol

The symbol may not be modified in any manner. No additional material or text may be placed immediately adjacent to or inside the logo. The integrity of the border and white background must be maintained.

Colors, Type Usage

All logo users are strongly encouraged, whenever possible, to reproduce the symbol using the same position, type style (Berkeley Old Style Bold), and Pantone® ink colors PMS 299 Blue & PMS 187 Red as used by the organization as a whole. The logo may also be reproduced in a black and white version. This way it can be used on a variety of different background colors or images.

There is never a need to reverse out the logo colors since all the elements of the logo are enclosed within the border rule. The box shall always be filled with a white background, which gives this logo a clean feel and invokes stability and confidence in the brand. It should never be ghosted back over a color or photo. It can be used on a variety of different background colors or images. Maintaining the white background allows the SVS Member logo to always stand out from other elements, thus making it more recognizable when used over a variety of communication materials. The integrity of the border and white background must be maintained.

Size of the Symbol

Please note that it is the individual physician is the SVS member and not the group practice. The following statement is recommended for all uses where possible: “This symbol designates surgeons who are members of the Society for Vascular Surgery. Surgeons who display this symbol are dedicated to the highest standards of patient care and continuing development of professional skills and competence.” Logos should never be used smaller than .9 inches wide x .3 inches high. When printing a reduced logo the border should never be thinner than a .5 point rule. When printing larger logos, the border thickness may come up proportionately from its original 1 point rule.

Placement of Symbol

All qualified users of the logo must take steps to ensure that it is not placed on any item or electronic communication in such a manner as to give the appearance that the brand is owned or controlled by any entity other than the SVS.


SVS assumes no liability for any claims, actions, injuries, or legal expenses connected with or related to improper use of the licensed marks or the provision of any services carrying the SVS member as a result of granting permission to use the symbol and you agree to hold SVS harmless and indemnify SVS from any and all such claims, including costs of defending against same.

Violation of These Guidelines

Should you, the member, violate any of the provisions of this agreement, SVS has the absolute right to withdraw permission to use the symbol immediately and you, the member, shall not be allowed to distribute any existing inventory or literature bearing the logo.

SVS Member Logo - B/W Small

SVS Member Logo - B/W Medium

SVS Member Logo - B/W Large

SVS Member Logo - Color Small

SVS Member Logo - Medium Color

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