Board of Directors

Ronald M. Fairman, MD

R. Clement Darling, III, MD

Vice President
Michel S. Makaroun, MD

Ali AbuRahma, MD

Kim J. Hodgson, MD 

Immediate Past President
Bruce A. Perler, MD

Program Committee Chair
Ronald L. Dalman, MD

Association of Program Directors in Vascular Surgery
William Jordan, MD

Community Practice Committee Chair
Richard A. Lynn, MD

Clinical Practice Council Chair 
Frank Pomposelli, MD

Education Council Chair
Daniel G. Clair, MD

Patient Safety Organization Governing Council 
Larry W. Kraiss, MD

Policy and Advocacy Council Chair
Sean P. Roddy, MD

Research Council Chair
Alan Dardik, MD, PhD

American Venous Forum
Lowell S. Kabnick, MD 

Canadian Society for Vascular Surgery
Thomas Forbes, MD

Eastern Vascular Society
Michael Golden, MD

International Society of Endovascular Specialists 
Frank J. Criado, MD

Midwestern Vascular Surgery Society
Donald L. Jacobs, MD

New England Society for Vascular Surgery
Michael Belkin, MD

Society for Clinical Vascular Surgery
Thomas Bower, MD

Southern Association for Vascular Surgery
William Marston, MD 

Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Society
Darrin Clouse, MD

Western Vascular Society
York Hsiang, MD

Executive Director
Kenneth M. Slaw, Ph.D.